U.S. tops the list of “golden visa” programs

More than 100,000 Chinese citizens in the last decade have gained residency in other nations through investments in business, real estate or government bonds. And there’s no bigger market than the U.S., where the Chinese have spent at least $24 billion through “golden visa” immigration programs, according to an AP analysis of programs in 13 countries.

Chinese investors flock to “golden visa” programs as their buying power increases

With a relatively affordable price, the U.S. visa program attracted the most Chinese investors.
Australia collected the second-most investment with relatively fewer visas issued because it charges a comparatively high amount.
*Total “golden visas” issued include those issued to the dependents of Chinese investors.

Some countries have gone all out to attract Chinese investors; others are pulling back

While some countries view “golden visa” programs as a way to attract foreign investment money, others have faced domestic criticism have cut back. Over the last decade, the U.S., Canada, Portugal, Hungary and Australia have issued the most visas to Chinese investors and their families.

Note: The figures for each country are an undercount because some investors put in more than what’s required. Investment amounts for each year were converted to U.S. dollars based on the average exchange rate that year. Some countries only provided the AP with figures or estimates for the life of their program instead of for each year.